Golden Kids are commited to active participation in supporting and promoting sustainability within the centre. A whole centre approach is promoted that involves children, staff and whanau in the decision making design and implementation of sustainability projects in our centre community.

Golden Kids is committed to sustainable practices (ie paper brick making, recycling etc) wherever possible and practical.

Teachers promote and provide sustainable philosophies with the children in our centre to rethink, reuse, reduce, recycle, repair and respect with reflection and responsibility.

Our Rubbish

Our first (and ongoing) project was “Our Rubbish”. The centre continues to promote no waste lunch boxes, recycling containers (paper, food waste, plastic, general rubbish) and the education of recycling, reusing, repairing, reducing and rethinking.

Wet Clothes Bags

In July 2010 the centre introduced wet clothes bags. Each child now has their own nylon bag to put their wet or dirty clothes in to take home. By making these bags we considerably reduced the use of plastic bags in the centre. Every child in the over two’s has had the opportunity to help make their own bag. They chose either green or orange nylon and a motif to sew on to make their bags unique.

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