Mission Statement: As teachers, we believe children learn through responsive, reciprocal relationships and experiences that empower them to achieve a sense of self-worth and independence

We believe in upholding the principles of Te Tiriti O Waitangi, and in ensuring equitable opportunities for learning for all children

We believe in nurturing children’s holistic development in partnership with parents/caregivers/whanau, within a safe yet challenging and educational environment.

At Golden Kids Inc. Early Learning Centre we have care and respect for people, places and things…


We nurture our community by providing an environment where a sense of belonging and contribution is fostered.

  • We are a community based, not for profit centre in an isolated rural community
  • We are a meeting place for children within the community (fostering lasting friendships with peers)
  • We value and encourage parents/whanau contributions
  • Our key teachers and low teacher: child ratios, supports and encourages meaningful relationships between children and teachers.

We believe the environment has a critical influence on children’s learning.

We provide

  • Organized, clean, accessible materials and equipment that is aesthetically pleasing
  • An environment that is richly resourced with quality materials
  • A large natural outdoor area with established trees and shrubs
  • A natural environment that focuses on looking after and caring for Papatuanuku (earth) & Tangaroa (sea), Awa (river) and Rangi (sky) by encouraging children to reduce, recycle and reuse where ever possible

We believe a daily programme that is predictable and responsive will offer children optimal opportunities for learning and development through

  • Predictable yet flexible routines for individuals
  • Choices of activities and access to both the indoors and outdoors
  • Participating in active involvement
  • Meaningful opportunities that reflect children’s interests and life experiences outside the Centre (the teachers recognize the significance of children’s experiences outside the Centre and the programme mirrors these interests and understandings)
Teaching and Learning

We believe that our Centre is a community of learning for everyone (children, teachers, whanau) through

  • Partnership between children, teachers and families working with and alongside one another
  • Trusting and respectful relationships that are central to teaching and learning
  • Children who are viewed as competent, rich with experience and understandings
  • Learning that is seen as connected to all other things (people, places and things)
  • Children who have opportunities to acquire further knowledge and abilities.
  • Teachers who organize the environment for children providing opportunities for the security and satisfaction of repetition to strengthen knowledge and skills
  • Teachers who view themselves as a resource for children and recognize their roles as learners as well as teachers
  • Teachers who scaffold children’s roles within groups
  • Teachers who listen to children and aim to engage in meaningful dialogue that the children find satisfying and stimulating.
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